​​About Me

I'm an artist and painter living on the rural outskirts of Seattle. I'm lucky enough to see the picturesque Olympic and Cascade Mountains every day, as well as the fresh Snoqualmie Valley rivers where the water is clear and sometimes filled with salmon. My love of natural landscapes and outdoor beauty is what inspires my work.

I create each painting to be ray of sunshine. Many of my works have a theme of warmth or light shining through as a symbol of possibility. Almost all of my paintings have a sense of movement.  I use acrylic paints and cotton canvasses.

In addition to working as a painter, I'm the Director of the Duvall Creative Arts Guild, an Artist-in-Residence at the Northwest Art Center, a member of the Duvall Foundation for the Arts, and a supporter of my local arts community.

​Debby Neal​​

Modern Art Inspired by the Pacific Northwest